Rum Opthimus

Maison Oliver & Oliver is the trading company for Opthimus rums, an independent Caribbean bottler. It produces a wide variety of rums under the Cubaney, Opthimus, Summum rum brands, and also subcontracts for brands such as Atlantico rum. However, the quantity of rums produced, the excellence of its limited editions and annual productions, have contributed to a well-deserved recognition for this trading house whose origins date back to the 19th century.

It's no exaggeration to say that the finest rums made in the Dominican Republic are produced under the aegis of the López-Oliver family in the warehouses of the rural community of Hato Nuevo Santo Domingo. The company has succeeded in preserving its family-business characteristics, concentrating on the production of high-quality artisanal rums.

The Opthimus rums maintain a high level of quality thanks to their limited edition rums, produced and distilled in the Dominican Republic. Oliver & Oliver owns more than three thousand American white oak barrels previously used for Bourbon aging in Kentucky, where around six hundred thousand liters (600,000 L) of rums aged 15 years or more are slowly aged. Blending according to ancestral recipes found in the family archives, Opthimus offers rums made from pure cane juice aged in solera, of rare complexity.

Opthimus rums are bottled by hand, from filling to labeling, with several stages of quality control. Here are two remarkable bottlings from the five available.

Opthimus 15 ans Resembles a very old cognac. Opthimus 15 ans is a generous, persistent, balanced rum full of character, formed by 15 years of aging in solera. A complex bouquet resulting from aging in oak barrels and a round mouthfeel highlight this Opthimus 15 ans rum. The finish is particularly gourmet, making this a fine rum for discovering the Opthimus style.


Opthimus 25 ans This is Oliver & Oliver's prestigious rum. The excellent result of ageing 25-year-old solera, rigorously selected by the house's "maestros roneros". Opthimus 25 ans rum boasts a superb black cherry color with ruby highlights. An extraordinary reserve, full of strength and fruity aromas, notes of vanilla and almonds underlined by an elegant woodiness. On the palate, it develops a balanced, harmonious bouquet, heralding its excellence. The roundness of flavors and aromas is perfect. Rich and complex, spices and caramel-coated dried fruits invade the palate, followed by chocolate notes. Opthimus 25 ans is considered one of the finest rums in the world.

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1 bottle of 70cl.