Cigars Fonseca

Founded in 1891 by Francisco Fonseca, the brand was manufactured in a small factory located on Dragones Street in Havana. It was sung by the poet Federico García Lorca: "I will go to Santiago with the blond head of a Fonseca".

We owe Francisco Fonseca the wrapping of the cigar in a thin sheet of Japanese paper and its housing in individual tubes. He also had the idea of creating a tasting room in his factory to test the blends chosen by his customers.

Fonseca was also specialized in the confection of cigars for banquets, receptions, clubs, etc.

Taste: light and medium

Characteristics: Don Francisco Fonseca founded his brand between 1890 and 1900. He was a handsome man who took great care of his external appearance and transmitted this elegance to his cigars, which were individually wrapped in silk paper, a tradition that continues to this day for the four formats of the brand.

The blends of tobacco varieties from the Vuelta Abajo region make Fonseca an ideal cigar after light meals.

All formats of Fonseca are made entirely by hand.

Quality : very good

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