Cigars AVO Domaine

The tobacco for Domaine AVO cigars comes from the "Domaine AVO". This finca belongs to Avo Uvezian. The perfect climate and special soil conditions at this finca in the Dominican Republic enable a special tobacco to flourish.

The capes were developed especially for this series. They come from Ecuador, where the particular climate gives the cape its distinctive color and typical properties. These "sun-grown" capes are fermented a second time in Santo Domingo. It is these capes that give the tobacco blend its very distinct flavor, both clean and rounded. The interaction of the powerful blend of insert and wrapper tobaccos with the particular note of the wrapper makes these cigars a particular pleasure.

A highly aromatic tobacco grown onAVO 's own land, revealing smooth, spicy aromas and a subtle nutty taste.

CHF 267.60

Offre découverte "AVO". Includes 16 cigars.

CHF 133.80

Offre découverte "AVO". Includes 8 cigars.