Cigars Don Pepin Garcia

In June 2002, Don Pepin Garcia, master torcedor, founded with his family the factory "El Rey de los Habanos". Pepin comes from a family of tobacco growers and joined the family business in 1961, at the age of 11. He first worked in a factory owned by one of his uncles in the town of Baez, a small town located in the province of Villa Clara, Cuba. In 1963, he joined the "Felix Rodriguez" factory belonging to another uncle, still in the city of Baez. He had a long career there until he left Cuba in 2001. During this period, he received numerous awards for the quality of his work, including the famous "productivity prize" for having managed to roll 320 julietas in four hours! His dexterity and agility were often compared to that of a magician by the Cuban press.

Today, he has his own factory in Miami in the "Little Havana" neighborhood. The team of torcedores who work there was trained by Don Pepin himself. They are experts in the most advanced and creative methods of cigar making. This factory is part of the elite quality of the industry, recognized by all.

For José "Pepin" Garcia, cigars represent his career and his passion. His factory "El Rey de los Habanos" is the concretization of a child's dream who started to roll his first puro at the age of 11 years in the purest family tradition.

The Don Pepin Garcia cigars are ample, aromatic and balanced.

Cape: Habano Nicaragua variety
Sub-cape: Nicaragua
Tripe: Nicaragua