Cigars Flor De Las Antillas

Cuba is the most imposing island of the Antilles. Thanks to its beauty, it has the nickname of "The Flower of the Antilles". In its honor, the Garcia family has chosen to use this name for their latest creation: the " Flor de las Antillas " cigars.

Their rectangular shape is reminiscent of the aesthetics of the early twentieth century vitolas - the most classic and traditional.

An aromatic blend from a selection of Cuban seeds grown in Nicaragua under the care of the Garcia family has been composed by master blender Jaime Garcia in a new range: " My Father Cigar", in honor of his father.

The cape, cultivated in sun grown (in the open air without the "Tapado" to protect them) comes from the farm "Las Marias" in the region of Namanji near Esteli, the best region of tobacco cultivation in Nicaragua.

In the end, we get a cigar of certain power but very balanced. A great success.

Cape: Nicaragua
Sous cape : Nicaragua
Tripe : Nicaragua

Cigar of the year 2012
CHF 280.00

Box of 20 cigars.