Cigars Joya De Nicaragua Antaño 1970

There's really no need to say any more about Tabacalera Joya De Nicaragua, it's so well known. As one of Nicaragua's oldest manufacturers, it produces numerous series under its own name as well as for, for example, Drew Estate.

Joya De Nicaragua continues to be known in the minds of many aficionados for its stronger and more direct Nicaraguan cigars. However, the Clasico or Red series, for example, are rather mild and therefore even suitable for beginners. It's a little different for the Joya De Nicaragua Antaño 1970 line, introduced in 2000, which is next to the Joya De Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo the strongest of Joya De Nicaragua and should therefore be consumed with caution!

Antaño means something like "years gone by" or "yesteryear" in Spanish, and is intended as a reminder that these cigars were one of the most popular cigars on the American market in the 1960s. These are strong, honest cigars made entirely from Nicaraguan tobacco since 1964. The shiny Colorado wrapper envelops a Nicaraguan binder and filler.

According to its makers, this series of cigars should "represent the country and the torcedores of Nicaragua, as the fruit of beloved fields and ultimately as a mirror of our souls!".

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