The Cigar book

Any large cigar house must do something that will make a lasting impression on the world of cigars and its fans. Here are the words of an epicurean friend, pushing me to realize a work on the theme of the cigar.

This discussion took place in Cuba, on the terrace of the famous Nacional hotel in February 2005. A year later, the project had taken shape and I had assembled my team to produce The Book "Cigar". Six years later, we had fulfilled our dream and the first 2,000 books were delivered to Switzerland.

A unique experience carried by an innovative, creative, philosophical, epicurean project, shaking up the codes and the way of perceiving the cigar. Iconoclastic alphabet, the book "Cigar" is a work, a UFO which invites itself during evenings accompanied by scrolls, alone on its terrace to contemplate the landscape.

The "Cigar" Book is an experience!


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