Rhum Damoiseau

The history of Damoiseau
Our roots and those of our sugar cane

In 1942, Roger Damoiseau Sr., a former ICAM & IEG engineer, decided to buy the Bellevue estate, which had been abandoned until then, but at the cost of a heavy debt. The company therefore resumed a sugar business by making sweets and jams, and rum would soon become the main production activity.

In 1968, Roger Damoiseau Jr. succeeded his father and continued to develop the family business to the point of being able to repay the company’s debt through the sale of bulk rum.

His sons then started working with him and helped him to make the distillery prosper.
In 1995, Roger left his place to Hervé Damoiseau who became president, with his brother Jean-Luc in charge of production. Since 1978, Jean-Luc has become master distiller and Sandrine Damoiseau, their sister, organises the promotion of the brand via events.

The sunny microclimate and the limestone soil favouring the growth of sugar cane are the assets of the Damoiseau distillery. These advantages allow the only distillery in the Grande-Terre region to harvest at full maturity.

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