El Rey Del Mundo Cigars

El Rey del Mundo cigars were created by Emilio Ohmstedt in 1848, together with Sancho Panza. The brand was very small at the time. In 1870, when Mr. Ohmstedt died, the brand was transferred to Mr. Antonio Allones, who had immigrated to Havana and worked in the tobacco industry.
El Rey del Mundo means “The King of the World”. From the start, Antonio Allones decided that this brand should be one of the highest representatives of Cuban know-how and for this he used one of the best tobaccos in Vuelta Abajo. In 1905 the company was transferred to Diaz Hermanos y Cia in possession of Candido Vega Diaz, who later renamed it Rey del Mundo Cigar Company in the late 1930s.

In the 1940s, the factory was located at 852 rue Padre Valera in Havana. It also owned other brands such as Flor de Rafaël Gonzales, Sancho Panza and the famous Don Candido (from owner Candido Vega Diaz).

By the 1950s, El Rey del Mundo cigars had already acquired a solid reputation. They were the most expensive cigars in the world at that time and were the favorite cigars of wealthy aficionados.

In the sixties and seventies, El Rey del Mundo cigars retained their rank as great Cuban cigars. The brand was highly recommended by Zino Davidoff himself in his book “The cigar connoisseur’s book” in 1967; saying that any connoisseur of cigars had, nobility obliges, to have a few boxes of cigars of this brand as well as Rafaël Gonzales.

El Rey del Mundo cigars became less popular in the eighties in favor of more powerful style cigars. Their export production hovers around 1% of the total volume of Habanos S.A.’s exports in the years 2000 and 2001.


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