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Quite traditionally the brand “La Flor de Cano” is produced in a cigar factory in Cuba. Originally the brothers Tomás and José Cano registered the brand in 1884 in the name of “Cano, Loma & co. Almost 130 years later, the cigar brand was bought by Habanos who held the tobacco monopoly owned by the state and production has been moved to the El Rey del Mundo factory. The tobacco mixes for Flor de Cano cigars come from the best growing regions of Cuba, from Vuelta Abajo in the southwest and Semi Vuelta in the west of the island. Two modules which are entirely handmade are offered: Petit Coronas and Selectos. The two modules are distinguished by a pleasantly balanced and light taste as well as excellent combustion. Flor de Cano cigars are particularly suitable for cigar lovers watching their budget and are suitable for both beginners and experienced smokers.

Taste: medium bodied

the brand was created by the brothers José Tomás Cano in 1884, La Flor de Cano produces cigars at average prices with a pleasant balance of flavors and aromas. Flor de Cano has an assortment of cigars today comprising two modules totally handmade from tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta regions as well as two machine-made modules.

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