Montecristo Cigars

Year of foundation: 1935
Tobacco Country: Cuba
Tobacco Procedence: Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio)
Factory: H. Upmann

The most famous of all Havana brands started only as recent as 1935 as a new brand of Menendez, Garcia y Cia, who were the owners of the H. Upmann brand at that time.
Legend tells that the name of the brand was inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s novel ‘Le Comte de Montecristo’.
Due to the powerful marketing skills of the London-based cigar merchant Alfred Dunhill, this brand became the most popular of all Havana cigars and in fact its medium strength cigars are the standard to which every other Havana cigar is now judged.

Montecristo is a current pre-Revolution brand, established in 1935. 
It is classified by Habanos SA as a Global brand and has the largest market share. 

The main range comprises medium to full-strength cigars. The Open series comprises light-strength cigars. 
Both use tobacco from the premium Vuelta Abajo region.

Standard Production 
Only five Standard Production cigars were available pre-1960.
Additional cigars were added from 1969 on. The Open range was released in 2009.

Special Releases 
Special Releases commenced in 1999 with the inclusion of Montecristo cigars in the Siglo XXI Humidor.
There have been numerous releases since.

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CHF 261.00

Montecristo A (5)

CHF 102.50 CHF 89.70

5 Boîtes de 20 cigares = 100 Mini Cigarillos.

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CHF 213.00 CHF 197.05

Boîte de 10 cigares.

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CHF 532.50 CHF 492.55

Boîte de 25 cigares.

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Cases of 3 to 5 cigars

Montecristo Double Edmundo (3)

CHF 63.90 CHF 45.00

Paquet de 3 cigares.

CHF 599.00

Travel humidor with 10 cigars.


Cases of 3 to 5 cigars

Montecristo Edmundo (3)

CHF 56.10 CHF 43.00

Paquet de 3 cigares.


Cases of 3 to 5 cigars

Montecristo Edmundo A/T (3)

CHF 64.20 CHF 50.00

Montecristo Edmundo A/T (3)

CHF 467.50 CHF 432.45

Boîte de 25 cigares.

CHF 405.00 CHF 270.00

Montecristo Especial No. 2 SBN (25)

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CHF 517.50

Boîte de 25 cigares.

CHF 220.00 CHF 155.00

Boîte de 25 cigares.

CHF 436.00

Boîte de 20 cigares.

CHF 614.00

Les cigares Montecristo LÍnea 1935 Leyenda (20) se distinguent par leur belle cape couleur caramel et par leur goût plein et fort.

CHF 536.00

Les cigares Montecristo LÍnea 1935 Maltés (20) se distinguent par leur belle cape couleur caramel et par leur goût plein et fort.

CHF 192.50 CHF 130.00

Boîte de 25 cigares.