Arturo Fuente Anejo Cigars

The name Fuente is no stranger to cigar lovers, whether they are novices or connoisseurs. For generations, the Fuente family has produced some of the best tobacco and cigars in the Dominican Republic. After the success encountered since 1992 with the Fuente Fuente Opus X, a new idea was born:

The creation of an exclusive cigar whose tripe and undercoat would be made from the best tobacco from the Dominican Republic – those from “Chateau de la Fuente” – assembled with a Connecticut Maduro cape matured for five years in cognac barrels. This cigar was thus named Fuente Anejo (Extra Viejo).

Easily recognizable thanks to the white border of their rings, Arturo Fuente Anejo cigars represent the expertise of Carlos Fuente’s tabacalera. It is one of the rarest cigars in the world, it is produced only twice a year!

The Fuente Anejo are powerful, we recognize the signature of the tobacco of the “Chateau de la Fuente” so characteristic. The range consists of six formats, the most famous and rare of which is No. 77 or more commonly known as Shark. This module is indeed particular by its round shape at the head and square at the foot.

Supplies are scarce and production is only a few thousand pieces for the world alone!

Cape: Connecticut Broadleaf
Sous-cape et tripe: Dominican Republic – Chateau de la Fuente

CHF 577.50

Boîte de 25 cigares.

CHF 625.00

Boîte de 25 cigares.

CHF 530.00

Boîte de 25 cigares.

CHF 600.00

Boîte de 25 cigares.

CHF 440.00

Box of 20 cigars.

CHF 482.50

Boîte de 25 cigares.

CHF 174.60

Offre découverte "Arturo Fuente". Comprend 12 cigares.

CHF 349.20

Offre découverte "Arturo Fuente". Comprend 24 cigares.