Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Cigars

Ashton VSG Virgin Sun Grown cigars are very different from Ashton classics, they differ from the latter by a particularly interesting cape. They are a cape that grows in Ecuador in Sun Grown (The leaves are grown in the open air, without the “tapado” fabrics which protect them). This cultivation process gives a tobacco of a truly impressive aromatic amplitude, a very fatty aspect which lets us guess a great richness. The Oliva family produces these capes, ferments and re-ferments in order to extract all their aromatic potential; thus offering Carlos Fuente a great basis for creation. The choice of tripe will go, to stay in a power register, on tobacco from the Fuente farm, the Chateau de la Fuente. Finally, so that all the aromas blend harmoniously, they are still kept for a period of at least 6 months before export. All formats are expressed in this range equally … except perhaps the “Spellbound” which still exceeds the others by its amplitude. The wizard offering the best value for money.

Wrapper: Ecuador sun grown
Binder: Dominican Republic
Tripe: Dominican Republic (Chateau de la Fuente)

CHF 372.00

Boîte de 24 cigares.

CHF 290.00

Boîte de 24 cigares.

CHF 573.50

Boîte de 37 cigares.

CHF 297.00

Boîte de 22 cigares.

CHF 229.00

Boîte de 20 cigares.

CHF 130.00

Boîte de 10 cigares.

CHF 252.40

Boîte de 24 cigares.

CHF 348.00

Boîte de 24 cigares.

CHF 300.00

Boîte de 24 cigares.

CHF 396.00

Boîte de 24 cigares.

CHF 260.00

Boîte de 24 cigares.

Out of stock
CHF 82.50

Sampler de 5 cigares.


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