AVO Syncro Nicaragua Cigars

Inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle of cigar legend Avo Uvezian, AVO Cigars goes beyond its Dominican roots by capturing exotic elements from vibrant cultures around the world and combining them in an exciting collection of blends called Syncro.

In the fertile soil of Ometepe Island, under one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua, a particularly sweet and spicy tobacco develops. Known for its fascinating character and its peppery spices, AVO Cigars combines these Nicaraguan leaves with the best Dominican varieties, with their famous earthy aromas and their sweet and creamy notes. Their interaction results in a perfectly balanced cigar of incomparable depth and complexity – an exceptional cigar that people love to share with others.

From the start, AVO Syncro Nicaragua stimulates the palate with complex spices and peppery aromas, because the distinctive Nicaraguan and Peruvian tobacco deposits immediately give it a wild character. In the second third, the cigar becomes smoother. The peppery spice is replaced by creamy notes with complex woody, sweet and floral nuances, followed by powerful aromas. Nicaraguan and Dominican Mejorado tobaccos complement each other harmoniously, tamed by the whiteness of the Ecuadorian cover sheet. This combination offers an unexpected and perfect harmony in taste and at the same time underlines the distinctive character of the Nicaraguan and Dominican varieties. A complex, complex and bulky cigar,

The formats: AVO Syncro Nicaragua Robusto short, AVO Syncro Nicaragua Robusto, AVO Syncro Nicarago Toro, AVO Syncro Nicaragu Special Toro

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