Calibre Cigars

Calibre cigars are produced in Santigao, in the Dominican Republic. Rich and well balanced, these format cigars, which are very popular with international customers, are the result of more than 3 years of work. No less than 150 operations are necessary to manufacture our modules. The tobaccos that make up our Caliber cigars come from production areas that had the best quality of tobacco during the harvest. The leaves thus harvested are dried, then fermented in several stages by our master assembler. The noble tobacco leaves are then stored under specific conditions conducive to aging.

It is only after this long process that the cigars are rolled and once again aged for 8 long months. Calibre cigars are recognized by the most prestigious customers around the world who appreciate their sweetness and unique aromatic complexity.

Cigars from the Calibre brand, the range includes 3 cigar modules in black lacquered boxes. Calibre 52, Calibre 54 and Calibre 56.

CHF 140.00

Boîte laquée de 10 cigares.

CHF 180.00

Calibre 54. Boîte laquée de 10 cigares.

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CHF 220.00

Calibre 56. Boîte laquée de 10 cigares.