Carlos André Cigars

Heritage meets vision, tradition meets vision.

The story of Arnold André begins with an idea –
the story of Carlos André with a vision.

On 30 January 1817, Johann Friedrich Christian André laid the foundation stone for the present company. More than 200 years later, Arnold André is the largest cigar manufacturer in Germany and one of the most important in Europe, led by its 7th generation owner Axel-Georg André.

Such a long-term market presence is impressive proof of a balanced attitude based on the core values of solid business conduct, a strong sense of social responsibility and passion, enthusiasm and pioneering spirit.

Axel-Georg André continues this tradition of responsibility and appreciation of previous generations and realizes his own vision of an exclusive, handcrafted premium cigar as a tribute to the friends of the house. It was the birth of Carlos André – an elegant cigar that combines traditional flavour with modernity.

More than 200 years of knowledge and experience in the world of tobacco meets first-class craftsmanship, a refined interplay between excellent tobacco and a contemporary spirit.

Named after the youngest son of the company’s owner, it represents both the future 8th generation of André and the link with the family, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. With the label “Family Reserve”, the exclusive premium brand Carlos André is the expression of the trans-generational passion for cigars – Expression for passion.

CHF 135.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 130.00

Box of 10 cigars.