Carlos André Airborne Cigars

Elegant complexity for a pleasurable experience full of character

“Airborne” – in aviation, this term refers to the fascinating moment when you leave the ground. The Carlos André Airborne is dedicated to that unique feeling of lightness that occurs after take-off: when you no longer feel the ground beneath your feet, when the tension of everyday life disappears and you can embark on a pleasant journey towards your own dreams and visions. With the new Airborne Toro, Carlos André takes this exquisite cigar pleasure to a new level of enjoyment. Stimulating and invigorating, the new Toro format opens up another dimension and impresses with its elegant complexity.

The H 2000 wrapper, grown in Mexico and matured for more than five years, makes a promise of taste at first sight. Reddish-brown and velvety-smooth, it unfolds an arc of tension from the first touch to the first inhale of the spicy, slightly sweet aroma to the first puff. Full of character and volume, the “lift-off” sets the stage for the rich variety of flavours in this distinctive composition from the start. The pronounced aromas of ripe fruit and unmistakable sweetness immediately complement each other in an exciting but well-balanced “flight”, richly contrasting with the fine astringency of dark chocolate. Aromas of roasted almonds combine with delicious notes of spice and leather, nuances of dried fruit emerge with a hint of caramel – a bittersweet stimulation that offers yet another nuance towards the end with a hint of fleur de sel. The Toro can be enjoyed in a relaxed, “unturbulent” way and provides a full and characterful smoking experience, but without heaviness.

CHF 135.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 130.00

Box of 10 cigars.