Davidoff Signature Cigars

The Davidoff Signature are the indisputable originals of the cigar world.
Classic, timeless and elegant in every way, the Signature soft blend allows fresh floral scents to mingle with earthy and woody notes, revealing a touch of sweetness that leaves a clean and creamy aftertaste. After standing the test of time, the Signature blend represents the essence of beautifully filled weather.

The Signature line goes perfectly with elegant drinks such as champagne, where cigar and drink go hand in hand. Even with a peaty and smoky whiskey, the Davidoff signature goes well with it without being too dominant.

CHF 272.50

Davidoff Signature 1000 cello 25 cigares

CHF 54.50

Davidoff Signature 1000 cello 5 cigares

CHF 380.00

Davidoff Signature 2000 cello 25 cigares

CHF 76.00

Davidoff Signature 2000 cello 5 cigares.

CHF 332.00

Davidoff Signature 2000 Tubos 20 cigares

CHF 66.40

Davidoff Signature 2000 Tubos 4 cigares

CHF 525.00

Davidoff Signature 6000 cello 25 cigares

CHF 84.00

Davidoff Signature 6000 cello 4 cigares

CHF 98.00

Davidoff Signature Ambassadrice cello 10 cigares

CHF 245.00

Davidoff Signature Ambassadrice cello 25 cigares

CHF 217.00

Davidoff Signature No. 2 cello 10 cigares

CHF 527.50

Davidoff Signature No. 2 cello 25 cigares

CHF 108.50

Davidoff Signature No. 2 cello 5 cigares

CHF 436.00

Davidoff Signature No. 2 Tubos cello 20 cigares

CHF 87.20

Davidoff Signature No. 2 Tubos cello 4 cigares