Cigares De Leon

The story begins in 1998 in a small fishing village called El Cortecito, in the east of the Dominican Republic. In this village there was a small cigar store where you could taste a cigar while watching how a cigar was made from different leaves.

In 2001, the Manufacture was founded by its owners Ruth De Leon Sosa and her German husband Sylvio Buchschatz. The philosophy is to produce cigars of the best possible quality, in order to satisfy a very selective group of customers. With a small production per year, De Leon is the perfect example of refined cigars.
Always work with the finest and very well selected tobacco you can get in the Dominican Republic, on the plantations of my very good friend Leo, one of the most innovative tobacco producers in the Dominican Republic.

Mixed by Mr. Buchschatz and rolled by hand to get one of the best cigars made in the Dominican Republic. Today, you can buy De Leon cigars in 6 countries in over 90 cigar stores, hotels, smoking lounges, restaurants and duty-free shops.

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