Gurkha Royal Challenge Cigars

The Gurka Royal Challenge cigar is a smooth and velvety cigar for a relaxing experience, its flavor profile is incredibly complex with crisp notes of sweet tea, cedar and a hint of citrus balanced with clean and woody cedar, slightly accented ‘peppery spices. It retains a luxuriantly rich and royal vanilla base with a certain creamy buttery smoothness to keep a soft and light flavor to medium-bodied until the end, thus revealing the natural flavor of tobacco.

With its superb mixes including a Connecticut Ecuadorian or Broadleaf Maduro cape around a Habano Honduran undercoat (Honduras), complemented by Nicaraguan and Dominican tripe, the Gurka Royal Challenge is a treat for all your senses!

CHF 238.00 CHF 200.00

Boîte de 20 cigares.

CHF 290.00

Boîte de 20 cigares.

CHF 338.00 CHF 290.00

Boîte de 20 cigares.