La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cigars

Ligero Natural
We were ready for our first “full-bodied cigar” Le Ligero Natural. The cape is in Ecuadorian Sumatra with a Dominican cape and tripe cultivated in the area. “The flavor is exceptional”

Ligero Oscuro
Made with the darkest and richest Sumatra capes of Sumatra you will ever see, almost Maduro, but not quite … we call it Oscuro. The cape and tripe are grown on our farm. “Expect a full flavor experience”

It is the largest cigar ever produced in our factory! This 64 x 6 format ligero kicked off a standard cape for an Ecuadorian Sumatra cape. We guarantee you an experience of smoking a Ligero that you do not know and you will love this new format, much larger!

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