PDR A. Flores Cigars

A. Flores cigars are produced by PDR Cigars. This factory has its roots in the Tamboril region, in the Dominican Republic. The expertise involved is uncompromising and we can be delighted to see cigars still rolled in the “entubado”. This method consists of rolling each leaf of tripe tobacco individually and thus, maintaining perfect capillarity in the print, despite a tight tripe. This is how we maintain a (very) low combustion temperature and we can make the most of the aromas of the tobacco used.

The factory uses the latest techniques to maintain a perfect humidity of the tobacco throughout the production chain. Cigars thus retain all their aromas, for our greatest pleasure. The A. Flores Gran Reserva have a powerful and balanced blend – a squaring of the circle rarely achieved. The smoke is oily, dense and spicy. The balance is preserved until the last puffs – a cigar that we always leave with some regrets that it is no longer long … for aficionados looking for intense flavors.

Wrapper: Ecuador sun grown
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua

CHF 21.50

Boîte de 5 cigares.

CHF 301.00

Boîte de 24 cigares.

CHF 346.00

Boîte de 24 cigares.