Humidors (Cigar humidors)

A Humidor (or cigar humidor or cigar box) is the first purchase that any smoker must make before starting to store his cigars.

Of course, humidity is the main factor, but there are other things to take into account when buying a cigar humidor. In general, we recommend a humidity level close to 70% in a cigar cellar in order to approximate the original conditions of preservation.

A cigar can be stored well beyond 10 years but conservation is a vital criterion in order to keep your precious vitolas in good condition.

CHF 90.50 CHF 63.50

1 set of 6 pieces.

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CHF 100'000.00

Cubatabaco 1492 Humidor - 1992. Boîte de 50 cigares. Prix sur demande

CHF 4'500.00

Humidor Collector de 50 cigares. (5 x 10 cigares).

CHF 7'500.00

Humidor Juan Lopez Eminentes Regional Edition Suiza 2016.

CHF 2'250.00

Humidor Collector de 30 cigares. (15 Piramides + 15 Robustos Extras).

CHF 25'000.00

Seulement 450 caves à cigares ont été fabriquées.

CHF 25.85

1 humidification filter.

CHF 545.00

Humidor pour 75 cigares.

CHF 400.00

Humidor pour 50 cigares.

CHF 630.00

Humidor pour 75 cigares.

CHF 2'070.00

Humidor pour 75 cigares.

CHF 2'070.00

Humidor pour 75 cigares.

CHF 660.00

Humidor pour 100 cigares.

CHF 145.40

1 shelf in noble cedar.

CHF 145.40

1 shelf in noble cedar.

CHF 1'917.05

1 cigar cabinet for 600 cigars.