Cigar cabinets

How does a cigar cabinet work?

The safe for cigar lovers

The cigar cabinet is a sort of treasure chest for cigar lovers! This is where all the delicacies of cigars are stored until they are smoked. Indeed, cigars dry quickly when they are stored in the ambient air without the protection of a suitable cellar. This seriously damages its aromas and, a fortiori, can make it completely unfit for consumption.

It is to avoid this inconvenience that the cigar cellar was designed. Its beneficial effects: not only does the stable wooden shell protect cigars from climatic variations and physical influences, but it also protects them from insect pests such as the tobacco beetle. If you like to smoke cigars and want to stock up on them, you should definitely buy a cigar humidor with Spanish cedar interior.

Cigar cabinets of all shapes and colors

Cigar cabinets are available for sale in different shapes, colors and in all price classes. There are also all sizes: travel cellars, very practical for travel, small humidity cabinets or huge rooms.

Depending on their volume, medium-sized domestic cigar humidors can accommodate 30 to 70 cigars and are roughly the size of a shoebox. As for their exterior design, the only limit that exists is the imagination of the builders! Thus, most cigar humidors are made of wood, are varnished with wood varnish and decorative elements can be encrusted on its external face. Of course, as in all things, there are also extravagant models of cigar humidors made in slate, steel or even in coated marble.

By the way: travel cigar humidors are recommended for long stays and they can contain between 5 to 20 cigars. For a weekend getaway, choose a cigar with aluminum tubes (often covered with cedar inside).

The cigar cabinets are carved from this wood

The best wood for cigar humidors is what is known as “Spanish cedar”. The term is somewhat misleading since the wood does not come from Spain and is neither manufactured in real cedar. On the one hand, real cedar is a conifer with a very pronounced, even unpleasant, smell. Therefore, its strong enough scent could easily dominate the aromas of the cigar. On the other hand, “Spanish cedar” comes from cedrela, a dicotyledonous laubbaum. The plant belongs to the mahogany tree family and it grows in West Africa and South America.

Although there are different variations depending on their origin, the commonly accepted trade name is Cedro. Spanish cedar has the excellent property of bringing out the best in cigar aromas without covering the natural flavors of tobacco.

Humidity: the most important factor to consider when storing cigars

When it comes to the ideal environment for storing cigars, good advice is worth gold! Above all, make sure to respect the following rules:

1. A cigar brings the greatest amount of smoke with a water content approximately equivalent to 13% of its weight in water
2. At an ambient temperature of 22 ° C and a relative humidity of 70%, approximately 13 grams of water / m3 is dissolved.

When we look for advice on how to store our cigars, we very often read that the humidity in the cigar humidor must be adjusted according to the change in temperature. Not only would it be exhausting enough for you, but nothing could be more wrong. For the sake of your cigars, you should simply ignore the recommendations to increase the humidity in your cigar humidor when the room temperature drops. The chemical structures of tobacco, combined with the physical processes involved in the formation of water vapor, lead to the elimination of tobacco water from a certain percentage of moisture.

Believe in the experience of a cigar seller: always keep them at 70% humidity so that the air humidity always remains the same. This will prevent, for example, the capes of your cigars from bursting. Also make sure that the cigars are neither stored below 16 ° C nor above 28 ° C.

Cigar cabinets and hygrometer

How to determine the humidity of the cigar cabinet? Most commercially available cigar humidors are already equipped with a hygrometer. The hygrometer is only used to monitor humidity in the cigar humidor. They are also available in several versions, ranging from analog to digital.

Cigar cellars provide cigars with the climate they love. A few years ago, most cellars were still equipped with a sponge. The main disadvantage was that the sponge is likely to dry out and therefore needs to be re-moistened often. Today, acrylic polymer humidifiers have become the new standard. Indeed, the acrylic polymer has the tremendous ability to absorb a large part of the humidity and then spread it in the air evenly. The acrylic polymer can also be moistened either with distilled water or with liquid propylene glycol. But we can also do otherwise. For example, instead of using acrylic polymer, the brand Guy Janot has chosen to place an open-pored mineral which must be moistened with distilled water every four weeks.
In addition, the Humidif Gelly Bags can also be used for several weeks to keep your cigars cool in an airtight environment.

The use of an electronic humidifier is recommended for larger cigar cabinets that can hold up to 40 liters as well as for humidor or walking humidor rooms. But its domestic use is generally not necessary.

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