Swisscave Cigar cabinets

SWISSCAVE cigar cabinets are fundamentally different from other similar products. In SWISSCAVE cigar cabinets, the air conditioning is fully regulated and controlled by a compressor-based cooling system.

  • by a compressor-based cooling system,
  • by an integrated heating element,
  • an electronically controlled humidification module,
  • And last but not least, also by means of worked cedar sliding drawers.

Nothing is left to chance: both temperature and humidity are constantly measured and compared with the set reference value. Depending on the measured deviations, the air inside is automatically fully humidified, cooled or, if necessary, dehumidified or heated.

But that’s not all. This cigar cabinet also meets the aesthetic requirements of the cigar enthusiast, whether it is intended for the catering trade or simply for the home of a cigar lover. The glass door, framed in precious filigree metal, covers the entire surface and allows the stored cigars to be seen, as well as the temperature and humidity indicators.

CHF 145.40

1 shelf in noble cedar.

CHF 63.50

1 set of 6 pieces.

CHF 25.85

1 humidification filter.

CHF 145.40

1 shelf in noble cedar.

CHF 2'757.10

1 cigar cabinet for 1100 cigars.

CHF 1'917.05

1 cigar cabinet for 600 cigars.

CHF 2'326.30

1 cigar cabinet for 800 cigars.

CHF 1'540.10

1 cigar cabinet for 400 cigars.