Oliva Viejo Mundo Cigars

If you are looking for new and different smoke, look no further. The range of Oliva Viejo Mundo “old world” cigars in Spanish is now available. Even though it is a small cigar, it still has all the flavor and power of that Oliva taste you would expect.

Oliva Viejo Mundo are created in Europe using quality Oliva tobacco, including an undercoat and tripe from Nicaragua and an African cape leaf from Cameroon. When you light one of these cigars, you will experience a sweet and rich experience with notes of earth, cedar, pepper and toasted tobacco. It is a well-designed cigar that produces great smoke in no time at a machine-made price. “This is a welcome addition to the Oliva range, which has been very popular in the premium European market. Viejo Mundo is a new standard in machine-made cigars and we are looking forward to introducing it to other markets around the cigar world. “

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CHF 42.50

Boite de (2 x 10 Cigares).