OX Cigars

OX cigars, three modules with three different personalities, to be enjoyed without moderation. The new OX series, launched by the Horacio team at the end of 2017, will delight the most experienced cigar lovers. Available in 3 three different modules, each cigar represents a universe with specific flavors:

Black Angel, of good build with a large ring (70), with full-bodied aromas, the Blue Velvet its little brother, a little sweeter with its creamy aromas and finally the Purple Rain, the shorts of the range, perfect for those in a hurry. Extremely well filled, the vitolas are firm to the touch. The capes are oily and silky, applied with meticulousness and rigor.

CHF 576.00

Boîte de 12 cigares.

CHF 348.00

Boîte de 12 cigares.

CHF 264.00

OX Purple Rain. Boîte de 12 cigares.