Padron Damaso Cigars

This Padron range is named after grandfather Damaso. The latter was the first of the Padron to arrive in Cuba in the late 1800s. Like all immigrants from the Canary Islands, he bore the nickname of Isleños who had the reputation of being serious and of speaking . They also used to integrate into the agricultural world. Damaso did not fail to follow the tradition and rented a small plot in the famous region of Pinar del Rio where he began to grow tobacco. He was a hard worker and very honest. He taught the family the values ​​of honor and humility. These words are very important to the Padorn family, passed down from generation to generation.

So, to name this range in commemoration to their grandfather means a lot to them. It was he who started it all, who gave birth to them in the industry. A legacy of which they can be proud and which Damaso must look upon with kindness.

“Damaso” cigars are very important to the family. They therefore received special care. Indeed, for the first time, they are not “box pressed”. What, until then, was a real trademark. In addition, it is the first Padron to be covered with a cape of the finest variety of connecticut. As you can see, we are dealing here with a lighter, easier to smoke cigar. The Padron are very renowned and respected for their ability to assemble tobacco. The mixture obtained here is simply fantastic! Who would have thought there could be so much fun and aroma with a connecticut cape !? A way to rediscover both the terroir of Nicaragua and the Padron “signature”. Eminently complex, this cigar is a brilliant success – and as often with them, a rarity!

Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

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Padron Damaso N°12. Boîte de 20 cigares.

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Boîte de 20 cigares.

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Boîte de 20 cigares.

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Boîte d 20 cigares.