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They left the island during the 1959 revolution to join Nicaragua in order to continue their activities there until the 1980s. After losing their fields and production factories during the Sandinista revolution, the family settled in Honduras . Thanks to the change of regime, they were able to return to Nicaragua in the early 90s and thus continue their productions in both countries.

Today Nestor Plasencia operates two factories in the cities of Ocotal and Esteli. The family is very close to Cuban immigrant Gilberto Oliva, who was the director of one of the factories. Plasencia produces around 33 million cigars per year and for more than 30 different brands (Vegas, Cask Strength, Alec Bradley, Harvest 97, Maxx, Casa Magna, Gurkha, El Mejor, Nestor, Padilla and many others).

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En tant qu’ ingénieur agricole, Nestor Plasencia a été un des pionniers de la culture organique du tabac à Esteli. Tous les tabacs destinés à la confection des cigares Plasencia Reserva Orgánica sont issus de l’agricultre organique utilisant que des fertilisants naturels et aucuns pesticides ou autre produits chimiques. Le résultat est un cigare de ...

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