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Casa Del Puro is a Spanish – Swiss retailer of Premium Cigars. Our online shop is one of the very first cigar – shop online in Europe. That give us a huge experience in the cigar business, a top level trust from our worldwide customers and a legitimate central place in our cigar industry. 

Casa Del Puro, belong to a Swiss Cigar Family business, very well known in our country as one the most respected cigar family since more than 50 years.

Buying cigars from us, means much more than it looks like.

you can count on our cigar team advisors, a fast e-mail reply, a very huge stock inventory, aged and store with the best humidification system in the market. 

we never deal with quality, service and trust ! 

Check out our extensive selection of Cuban, Dominican, Nicaraguan, Hondurian Cigars.

We have in our online shop a complete Cuban Cigar Catalog where you will be able to see the best Cuban Cigars at the best prices, and see why Casa Del Puro has legions of loyal smokers worldwide.

We can´t deliver cuban cigars to the US territory.
We can´t admit orders from people under 18 years old.


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Out of stock
CHF 140.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 270.00

Box of 20 cigars.

CHF 180.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 33.20

Fresh Pack of 4 cigars.

CHF 30.00

Fresh Pack of 4 cigars.

CHF 207.50

Box of 25 cigars.

CHF 172.50

Box of 25 cigars.

CHF 187.50

Box of 25 cigars.

Gold Medal
CHF 305.00

1 bottle of 70cl.

CHF 145.40

1 shelf in noble cedar.

CHF 63.50

1 set of 6 pieces.

CHF 25.85

1 humidification filter.

CHF 145.40

1 shelf in noble cedar.

CHF 515.00

Travel humidor with 10 cigars.

CHF 190.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 315.00

5 boxes of 3 cigars in a tube.

CHF 70.80

Box of 3 cigars in tube.

From 25.02.21
Out of stock
CHF 218.80

Box of 88 cigars.

From 18.02.21
CHF 55.00

Box of 5 cigars.

CHF 395.00

Box of 25 cigars.

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