Flor De Oliva Cigars

The Oliva family has been in the tobacco business for decades and the Flor de Oliva is widely recognized as one of the best values ​​in the world. Each stick is handmade by Oliva using 100% Nicaraguan tripe and Nicaraguan undercoats which are properly aged. The Flor de Oliva is offered with a variety of packaging choices: the sweet and tasty packaging of Sumatra, the soft and sweet packaging grown in the shade of Connecticut, the rich Corojo packaging and the rich and tasty Maduro packaging.

These cigars are all firsts, that is, they are not factory rejected or “seconds”, but they are sold at an incredibly affordable price. The relaxing experience of smoking large cigars without burning a hole in your pocket is enhanced by notes of spicy sweetness. and excellent characteristics of tobacco.

This type of quality is rarely achieved at this price. Who says packaged cigars must taste bad?

CHF 137.50

Box of 25 cigars.