Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Cigars

Cuesta-Rey’s history goes back more than a century. In 1884, Angel La Madrid Cuesta opened his first cigar factory in Cuba and quickly earned a reputation as one of the most skilled cigar makers of his time. A few years later, he joined forces with Peregrino Rey to create the world famous Cuesta Rey Premium cigars. Cuesta-Rey cigars were once the official cigars of the Spanish court of King Alfonso XIII in the 19th century.

Today, the Cuesta-Rey cigar is manufactured by the renowned Tabacalera A.Fuente in the Dominican Republic for the J.C.Newman Company. The special feature of this cigar is, on the one hand, its wrapper, which is made of a Sumatra-seed Sungrown tobacco grown in the fertile region of Quevedo in Ecuador. On the other hand, because this tobacco comes from the Centro Fino, the spicy and delicate centre, the heart of the plant. Hence the name of the cigar: Centro Fino.

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