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There are a tremendous number of cigars on the market. Among them, some are remarkably good. However, only a very few cigars have that special something that makes them not only unique, but exciting.

It is precisely this difference that distinguishes the cigars Buena Vista from the others: excellent cigars that you can always expect something truly exceptional and different. Hand-rolled by cigar rollers who know their trade intimately. Hecho un mano. Designed for aficionados looking for cigars that promise something exceptional. Something that can always be found in these cigars.

2 ranges are available, Buena Vista Araperique and Buena Vista Dark Fired Kentucky.

CHF 175.00

Box of 20 cigars.

CHF 180.00

Box of 20 cigars.

CHF 210.00

5 boxes of 5 cigars.

CHF 237.50

5 boxes of 5 cigars.