Cigars AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata

The term "Fogata" comes from Spanish and means campfire. It inspired the new variety of cigars since a campfire is the ideal place to experience unforgettable moments of intimacy with the closest circle of friends. With Syncro Nicaragua Fogata, the brand AVO steps out of the box and begins to seek a more intense taste experience. Today, AVO is proud to present this dynamic and innovative blend to connoisseurs. After tasting the spicy and sweet taste of Isla Ometepe, the AVO Syncro series now ventures deeper into the rugged landscape of Nicaragua. The result is an intense, wild and rich flavor. TheAVO Master Blender traveled to the mountainous regions of Estelí and Condega, in northern Nicaragua.

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Offre découverte "AVO". Includes 16 cigars.

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AVO Syncro Fogata robusto cello 20 cigars.

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AVO Syncro Fogata special toro cello 20 cigars.

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AVO Syncro fogata special toro cello 4 cigars

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AVO Syncro Fogata toro cello 20 cigars.

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AVO Syncro fogata toro cello 4 cigars

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Packaging of 3 cigars tubos.

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Offre découverte "AVO". Includes 8 cigars.

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AVO Syncro fogata robusto cello 4 cigars

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Box of 20 cigars.